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Welcome to Loving Kat Barrell your online resource for the Canadian actress Katherine Barrell! You may recognise her from the TV series Workin' Moms, her guest appearance on Saving Hope, or the TV movie Lake Placid: Legacy. However, Kat is best known for her queer role as Sheriff Nicole Haught on Wynonna Earp. Kat has also been busy with directing film shorts. Be sure to check back regularly for the latest news & images. Enjoy your stay here!

Katherine Barrell’s Joy at Joining Good Witch for Season 6

A sweet interview with Kat about Good Witch. 3 days to go until the season 6 premiere! Kat has also confirmed that she’ll be live tweeting on Twitter when the episode airs!

There’s somebody new in town and she’s got a secret. That’s the case at the start of Season 6 of the Hallmark Channel series Good Witch, premiering Sunday, May 3 at 9pm/8c. Joy Harper (Katherine Barrell) is that new person and Cassie (Catherine Bell) certainly seems to suspect something is up with the newest resident of Grey House. Joy is in town though for work and eager to get started renovating one of the Middelton’s oldest homes. Viewers will have to watch and see for anything else that she may be up to in town.

For Barrell, joining the successful series in Season 6 was a pleasant surprise. With the fate of Season 4 of Wynonna Earp, where Barrell is a regular and plays the popular Sheriff Nicole Haught, up in the air last year after a stall in production, Barrell found herself looking into other roles and landed the part of Joy. Filming on Wynonna Earp did resume early this year, after she was done filming Season 6 of Good Witch, unfortunately only to be interrupted by the pandemic.

Barrell recently spoke to The TV Junkies about her role on Good Witch and why it was such a great experience for her. She also shares her disappointment in another break of filming for Season 4 of Wynonna. Also, despite the postponement of the official ceremony, Barrell was the recent recipient of The Canadian Academy’s Audience Choice award that was voted on by fans.

The TV Junkies: So you’re on hiatus from Wynonna Earp last year, not knowing what was really happening there, and you get this role on Good Witch. How did that opportunity come about?

Katherine Barrell: It came about really quickly. I had been living in L.A. last year and just got back to Toronto. There was so much on hold because Wynonna didn’t go and I hadn’t auditioned for anything else. So I thought I’d get my demo reel together and get back in the audition pool, and Good Witch was right away when I got back to Toronto. I was in a session editing my new demo reel, hoping to book future jobs, and I booked Good Witch. It was a very funny moment.

It was a wonderful opportunity because I had just came back to the city, and I had that anxiety over not knowing what was happening with Wynonna, and so it was nice to get this. I had auditioned for Hallmark a few times for some movies, and knew they were interested in working with me, so it’s been a matter of finding the right fit. When this came up it was the perfect opportunity, especially given the fact that it’s shot in Toronto.

TTVJ: I never realized that and always figured it was shot out in Vancouver.
KB: Yep! It is also shot in Hamilton right outside of Toronto and nearby where I grew up. The fun part is — Hamilton is about an hour and a half outside of Toronto — that my parents live close by. So if we were shooting nights and multiple days, I would just go back to their place and spend the night there. That was really fun and sweet and a whole other element of working from home. Not only did I get to go back to my house, but I got to hang out with my parents when I was shooting in Hamilton and that was really cool.

TTVJ: What can you share with us about Joy Harper and why she’s in Middleton?
KB: When Joy first comes to Middleton she stays at Grey House, Cassie’s bed and breakfast. She tells Cassie there’s a job that she has her eye on in town and there’s this mystery around her. She’s a historic home renovator, which means that Joy basically has my other dream job of restoring old homes. It’s so funny when I got the part because I thought I could get to live this alter ego of the other job I’d love to do.

TTVJ: I actually was curious if that was something you picked up from her or if that has been a passion of yours that existed before playing her.
KB: It existed! I was 13 or 14 and watching HGTV and all the renovation shows. I’ve always been obsessed with old homes and my dream is to restore a beautiful old Victorian one day. So yes, it’s actually a huge passion of mine, for real, and just a coincidence that Joy does it as well.

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‘Wynonna Earp’ stars share anxieties and hints about delayed season 4 during virtual HomeCon panel

‘Wynonna Earp’ stars share anxieties and hints about delayed season 4 during virtual HomeCon panel

The quarantine that the global coronavirus pandemic has forced us into has changed a lot about our lives. Instead of working at an office in business attire, we’re working from our couches in sweatpants… and instead of actors being busy making shows and fans preparing to travel for in-person fan conventions we have… HomeCon!

Billed as the first of its kind, HomeCon is a virtual fan convention conceived of by Paul Amos and Rachel Skarsten, stars of SyFy’s cult hit Lost Girl. With coronavirus shutting down entertainment productions and forcing the cancellation or postponement of several fan conventions, Amos (Darken: Before the Dark) and Skarsten (Batwoman, Reign) thought it would be uplifting for actors and fans alike if they could still connect somehow. So, with help, Amos and Skarsten in two weeks built HomeCon, which used the gaming platform Twitch to broadcast panels featuring actors videoing in from their living rooms, and Zoom for ticketed 5-minute one-on-one video calls with actors. (10 percent of sales are going to the charity First Responders First).

The two-day con launched Friday with a Lost Girl panel, and later came one of the convention’s most buzzed about events: a panel on SyFy’s current hit Wynonna Earp. Stars Katherine Barrell, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Tim Rozon, and Megan Follows — just four of the approximately 30 actors who participated in HomeCon — virtually convened for a panel. The thousands of fans who tuned in from around the world were not disappointed. Technical difficulties and interruption from Barrell’s dog Bernie only added to the fun. Fans were also treated to Provost-Chalkley and Rozon briefly speaking as their characters, and Tim dropping some big news: he became a father in December!

Here’s a dive into what else unfolded during this virtual HomeCon Wynonna Earp panel.

Quarantine Qs

Moderator Jacki Jing asked the cast about their quarantine lives. Rozon, who sported a black cowboy hat worthy of his Earp character Doc Holliday, said he “selfishly” is enjoying quarantine because he’s spending time with his new baby boy. Follows, who wore a black sweater and her hair in a bun and was eating soup the whole time, seemed a little less Zen, as quarantine halted a new acting gig (with which Rozon was also involved), and she’s stuck in her childhood home “surrounded by [her] entire f—in’ life.” But she said she’s biding her time cooking and cleaning.

Provost-Chalkley, who was dressed in a T-shirt and ball cap, said just before quarantine, the cast had gone home for a regular shooting break (they were halfway through filming season four), so quarantine just feels like an extended vacation. However, she’s anxious that the show had only just gotten back on track after a year hiatus (production company financial woes threatened the show but a ferocious fight from the fans helped fix things). Barrell, though content at home (she said her and Provost-Chalkley being only children prepared them for this) echoed Provost-Chalkley’s concern.

But Barrell — who wore a baby blue top and her beloved dyed-red hair down — and Provost-Chalkley remain optimistic, citing excitement about season four and lessons learned from quarantine.

“Talking with people all over the world [in the one-on-ones] it really did give me a sense of ‘WOW, this is everywhere, everyone is feeling the same things,’ and it was sort of comforting in a way,” said Barrell.

Reflecting on their Earp roots

Fans went wild over cast audition snippets shown during a SyFy Wynonna Earp marathon the day before the panel, so Jing asked the cast to reflect on their auditions.

Follows said she struggled with hers, but her daughter pushed her on it. Follows added that when she directs projects, she gives actors second chances, to see how they take direction and to let them overcome nerves. Rozon said his initial audition for the role of Dolls didn’t go well, but when he auditioned for Doc, it felt right. Similarly, Barrell initially auditioned for Waverly and Wynonna. Those experiences made her feel more prepared for her Nicole audition, but she considered herself too “ingénue” to play a cop so she didn’t think she’d get the part.

Jing then asked about their characters’ introduction scenes.

“It was just perfect, it felt so right and it was a big moment for me in terms of finding who this character was,” said Provost-Chalkley, whose first scene was Waverly kicking down a door holding a shotgun. “The writers obviously wanted that to be the first impression — for Waverly to have that… fire in her that came through really strong.”

Barrell, whose first scene was Officer Nicole Haught meeting and flirting with Waverly Earp (aka the beginning of the “Wayhaught” same-sex relationship that propelled the show and actresses to icon status), was excited about being the pursuer, which she and women in general don’t often get to do.

“That scene was so direct and forward and has a perfect amount of bravery and going for what she wants, but also there’s a sensitivity and sweetness, too,” said Barrell. “It just has all the elements. I’m such a huge fan of the way that scene was written.”

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Wynonna Earp ‘Favorites’ Marathon Set for March, Leading to a Season 4 Tease

Syfy will air a Wynonna Earp “Fan Favorites” marathon in March, as one part of a wide-ranging “We Are Her(oes)” Women’s History Month programming event.

The Earp-athon (of what is in actuality just the first 10 episodes of Season 3) will air across three Fridays — March 6 (from 6:30-9:30 am ET), March 20 (6:30-10:30 am) and March 27 (6 to 9 am) — leading up to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming (and lonnnnnng-awaited) Season 4, during the network’s 20 Women to Watch in 2020 documentary special (airing Friday, March 27 at 11 pm).

Said docu-special, produced by the SYFY FANGRRLS brand and leading out of the series premiere of Vagrant Queen — adapted by an all-female team of writers and directors, from the Vault comic book series — will spotlight “rising women across film, TV and comics who will make an impact in the genre in 2020.”

Other “We Are Her(oes)” programming includes a “MAN-SEL in Distress” movie marathon (on Sunday, March 8 aka International Women’s Day) showcasing strong female characters who are the heroines of their stories (e.g. Mad Max: Fury Road, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Zombieland, X-Men: First Class and Power Rangers).

Source: TVLine

‘Wynonna Earp’ Cast & Creator Share Season 4 Details, WayHaught Wedding Hopes

Wynonna Earp Season 4 is finally happening.

But the cast and creator haven’t forgotten what it took to get here and the support they’ve received from their fans, the Earpers. “Because it’s been such a fight, I’m still a little on-edge,” creator Emily Andras told TV Insider at New York Comic Con this fall, before noting that the show’s presence at the event was “one more sign it’s happening.”

“I will be happy when we’re shooting,” star Melanie Scrofano admitted. “We had it before. We were supposed to start, and then we didn’t.”

At the time, the cast didn’t know anything about what’s to come, but Andras was able to share a few teases about the new season and everyone was eager to look ahead.

Season 4’s Nod to the Break

“We’re probably going to pick up fairly immediately after Season 3, but I would keep an eye open for any Easter eggs about, ‘Oh, it sure feels like we’ve been gone a long time,'” Andras shared. “Everyone in the town is missing. Doc and Waverly are in the garden. It just seems to be Nedley and Wynonna. The first order of business is going to be where did everyone go and how do we get them back? We have to pick up there.”

And when the show picks up, it will acknowledge the fight for Season 4. “We actually started writing a year ago, so we’re revisiting those first five scripts,” the creator explained. “It has reinvigorated this idea of fight and resistance in so far as the messaging I want to do in Season 4 because the fans just fought for us. … I want to give the fans more of what they love about the show. Just back to basics with a twist.”

Expect to see more of what you love about the show, along with new dynamics, new secrets, new betrayals, new loves, and new relationships. “It’s really going to be about how far you’re willing to go to save the people you love and what kind of sacrifices you have to make to do that,” Andras teased.

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